Candy Bars at Special Occasions

When you think of a candy bar buffet, do you instantly get images of young kids rushing to the table to gobble up sweets?

Actually, candy buffets are for kids of ALL ages. It tends to satisfy the sweet tooth as well as have that ‘wow’ elegant element.

Recently at a family brunch, we were introduced to our cousin’s friend who happened to mention that she was considering having a candy buffet at her wedding. We immediately got excited and started to share with her our experience.
Our guests were all adults and they all shrieked with excitement when they saw an 8 ft table lavishly adorned with jars of all sizes filled with candy of all textures and flavors. We happened to have a white theme so most of the candies were either white, cream or a pale yellow. We also included silver balls as an accent. Each candy jar was tagged with a description of what’s inside along with a mini scoop. We included clear bags and encouraged our guests to sample and scoop. Some walked nonchalantly around with their private single serving stash and others discreetly hid them in nooks and crannies so that they could take them home at the end of the night. And of course most did both!

It wasn’t till we ended our story that our new friend realized that the candy she was given by our cousin last September was the candy we had at our event. She loved how they made her feel and how excited our cousin was when she shared them with her.
Are candy buffets still popular at weddings and events? Absolutely!