Dance Floor Was Packed From Start To Finish

Hi Elliott,

I hope this message finds you well. Cam and I got married three months ago today, and I wanted to (finally) sit down and thank you and your team for helping to make it simply the best night.

As you may recall, I wanted to surprise my groom with a live performance of our first dance song by his brother, the best man, and my best friend, a bridesmaid. The very talented duo, with a guitar and ukelele, performed absolutely beautifully – but not without help from your team! We had brought in our own sound equipment, but had trouble getting everything to work. The bride and groom arrived at the reception, and still the sound wouldn’t work. Without the groom noticing, your DJ took care of everything. The bridesmaid and best man duo were able to sit down for dinner and speeches, as your DJ called in a colleague who brought whatever we needed to make everything come together. Your two DJs worked quickly, efficiently and quietly. The groom was surprised! We are all incredibly grateful for the help you provided to create such a magical moment for our first dance. Thank you. Please extend my deepest appreciation to Mike & Jesse.

After the first dance, and the father-daughter dance, the party started. The dance floor was packed from start to finish. In an unexpected twist, people were so busy dancing that we were able to make a significant return to the BC Liquor Store the following day! The music selection was bang-on. We have received so many compliments on the celebration. No one had ever been to a wedding where the dance floor was so full! You even had our oldest guest, verging on 90, up dancing for as long as he could!

Thank you for working with us in advance of the wedding, and for being so helpful, talented and wonderful the day-of. Hot Wax played a big role in the success of the evening.

All our best,
Lauren and Cameron

February 1, 2014
UBC Boathouse