I Don’t Think There Was an Inch Left on the Dancefloor

Hi Elliott,

I just wanted to send a note of thanks for helping to make the Handsworth Grade 12 After Grad such a success.

Right from the start the entire experience with you and your team was great. Jordan and Mike were very professional and friendly as they were setting up, the music was fantastic (the kids raved about it), and the color dance floor was well used! I don’t think there was an inch left on the floor.

I chaperoned the Grade 12’s in 2012, and have to say there was no comparison. I don’t think I saw more than 10 kids dancing, and that was disappointing to see. I know last year when your team came it was a huge success, and this year was no exception. I’m sure I’ll be part of next year’s organizing committee and we will definitely be booking Hot Wax again. I just have to find out the date…..and hope that the school strike is over by then!!

Thanks again,
Ann Hickey-Wright
Handsworth After Grad
June 2014