Making A Grand Entrance!

What are the BEST songs to walk into at the Reception?

Often called the Grand Entrance… Popular these past few years is the entire bridal party walking into a song that best represents them that will also set the tone for what’s to come. I recall back at my wedding in the mid ‘80s that this was popular too. What was my Grand Entrance song you ask? Celebration by Kool and the Gang! Believe it or not… it’s still used today!

So do you just walk in and the music plays? Or does someone have to say something? Is it followed by a special dance? Or can you simply walk in? Generally, you will have this already worked out in advance with your DJ. Pick a fun song that will get your guests standing, or cheering, or clapping, or toe tapping! You MC or DJ will let your guests know that you are about to enter the room as the newly married couple accompanied by your wedding party, then the song will be played as your que to enter the room. They have the option of introducing each member of the wedding party one by one or group them all together.

We’ve had some couples select a song that best represents each bridesmaid/groomsman but
you don’t need to get too technical. We recommend that you keep it simple.

Important details the DJ or your MC needs to know:

How big is the wedding party?
Do you want them introduced by their names? First and last names?
What song or songs would you like played? If there are several songs, you may consider just a short snippet from each song.

Should you save the First Dance for later? Or straight into it from your Grand Entrance?
That’s totally up to you. Why not keep the moment going and go straight to your first dance? Your guests will be captivated as they watch you slow dance gracefully on the dance floor.

Popular Grand Entrance Songs:

  • Another One Bites the Dust-Queen
  • Back in Black-AC/DC
  • Celebration-Kool & the Gang
  • September-Earth Wind & Fire
  • Eye of the Tiger-Survivor
  • Get this party Started-Pink
  • Hockey Night in Canada theme
  • I feel Good-James Brown
  • Mission Impossible-U2
  • Theme from Rocky-Bill Conti
  • Everlasting Love-Natalie Cole
  • Sexy Back-Justin Timberlake
  • Party Rock Anthem-LMFAO
  • Give Me Everything-Pitbull
  • Crazy Train-Ozzy Osbourne
  • Hey Soul Sister-Train