One of the Best Grad Dinner/Dances Ever!!

Hi Elliot!

Sorry for the late reply but I got great feedback about Hot Wax services for both events!

The After Grad Party was awesome with Jordan and Michael. I can tell that they made an effort to follow our song request list along with having their own freestyle moments. The music was suitable throughout the night. The attendees did not want the music to stop even if the party was about to end in a few minutes! I heard some people scream out “keep playing!!!” Although I only had time to dance for 1 out of 3.5 hours of the party due to hosting the event and everything, I had a great time and it was nice seeing Jordan again!!

The Grad Dinner Dance was probably every grads’ best night ever! We enjoyed Ashley’s interaction with the crowd. For example, he had everyone participate in the Cupid Shuffle even himself! He was very outgoing and enthusiastic. Overall, Hot Wax services were great! ,glow bracelets were a hit!!. I must confess that I was dancing way too the point where my shoulders ached the next day! Haha!

My school teachers and administration told me that this Grad 2012 Dinner Dance was one of the best ones they have ever attended. I must say that it was not only because of the right grad class but the DJs also made a significant contribution. So thankyou Hot Wax, we were happy to do business with you!!! Thankyou for your patience and helpfulness!

Van Tech Grad Events
June 14 / 15, 2012