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Picking Music at Your Wedding Is Like Eating a Multi Layered Slice of Cake Without the Calories!

Ever wandered by a bakery window and your mouth started to water when your eyes locked in on a multi layer cake? Knowing that each layer was going to be a mind blasting experience?
Then I suggest you treat your music selection at your wedding in the same manner. Peel off the layers and provide your guests with a musical journey throughout the evening.

Most times I get couples cringing when it’s time to select the music as many think that they need to pick each title. Others get giddy as they want to pick each title and some…well…they just want this task to go away.
I’m here to simplify the process so that It’s fun, you get to have a say, and your guests will talk about it for weeks, months even years later! Because we know…people will talk about your event…what are they going to say about the music?

The month before your wedding, start communicating with eachother to determine the styles of music you are interested in hearing. Remember, music should be thought of as a ‘gift to your guests’.

Just like a house sells faster when there’s curb appeal, the cocktail hour should set the tone, create a buzz , get your guests excited and ready for what’s to come next.
If you are having a cocktail hour, there are many genres to consider as ‘background’ music. It could be jazz, instrumental, classical, or chill Lounge. Of course there are more options, but I think you are starting to get the picture? There’s no right or wrong…it’s what you want to reflect your distinctive taste and style. If your venue has a specific atmosphere, you may wish to parallel the cocktail hour to reflect that. Now you don’t need to get too specific with the artists, but relaying your genre preference to the DJ service is recommended.

Now let’s move on to the Dinner hour…why not add another dimension to the atmosphere you’ve started to create. Keep in mind, dinner service can increase the volume around the room, people start to talk with others at their table, silverware is clinking, so background music will be softer, somewhat less vocals and at a volume your guests can hear it at, but still talk to each other. If they’re tapping their toes beneath the table…shhh…that’s their secret to keep! You do not need to provide your DJ with an itemized song list, nor do we recommend you spend time previewing each of these songs, just specify a genre: Easy listening, jazz, classical, light rock, etc.

It’s time to dance and kick it up a notch! This is where your input is most valuable. Now don’t get anxious…we’ve simplified the process event further. Let’s go with the 20 rule (really a guideline). You might be thinking…Can I tell my DJ what we want to dance to? Absolutely! Give us an idea as to what you’d love to dance to. Not hear…but dance to! How much direction should I give my DJ? You can provide us with 20 artists, or get really specific…provide us with 20 of your favorite titles. Your DJ will then create sets around your personal requests and if you are open to the DJ getting requests from your guest, then they will incorporate that into the musical program as well. How many songs are typically played at a wedding reception? 60-80 songs.

What if the DJ service doesn’t have the music you are wanting? Don’t panic! Just share with them your vision. You youself may even have this select music in your own collection. And if that’s the case?Bring it the night of your event and the DJ would be happy to play it.

When you’re ready to start designing your musical program… Give us a Call 604-649-6919