The Secrets of Hiring the Right DJ Service

It is true what they say about the entertainment at any event, it is one of the key components to a great time. It is no secret that the market is saturated with DJs, so how do you hire the right DJ for your budget?
The process of narrowing it down:

Do NOT make price the deciding factor. Compile a list of DJs by asking friends for referrals, and ask for “preferred DJs: and opinions from your other event vendors. Then narrow your selection down to 3 professional DJ services. Look for a DJ Service that stands out from the rest.

Make contact:
Book you DJ at least 6 months in advance. How’s their website? was there a quick turn around time when responding to your inquiries?

The Consultation:
The Majority of bookings are done over the phone. Should you wish to meet in person, this option should be available to you.

The Full Package:
The full package includes a professional DJ, high-quality equipment and lighting, and the right songs for your party. Did you know that only 60-70 songs are actually played? but if they are not the right songs for your group, then your celebration will not be memorable for the right reasons.

Get it in writing:
A professional DJ service will send you a service agreement. Make sure you discuss payment options and cancellation policies prior to signing.

Don’t just take their word for it:
Ask to see the DJ service’s references and then qualify them by calling.

Price is one thing; quality is another. All DJs are not created equally. Most good DJ services should be priced in the $700-$1200 range. Book the DJ service you can afford and NEVER EVER book the cheapest. Remember, with hiring a professional comes peace of mind.

5 key questions to ask:

* What type of sound system do they use? a professional service will invest in their equipment and not use a home sterio system, and backup equipment will not be required to sit in their car.

* Do they have a business license? would you feel comfortable giving someone $500-$1200 cash, 6-12 months in advance ?

* Do they carry liability insurance? makes sense

* Do they use VLA licensed music? MP3 files are condensed and compromise sound quality

* Are they members of the Better Business Bureau? consumers can rest assured that when they find a BBB member they are dealing with a company that is proud to make a public statement about high ethical standards.