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Best Questions to Ask a DJ Service when Looking to Hire a DJ

If you’ve never called a DJ service to hire a DJ for your wedding or corporate event, it can be a daunting task. Asking questions is a good thing. Going with what your gut says is the best way to determine if you’re on the right track. THE most common question is “How much do […]

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Picking Music at Your Wedding Is Like Eating a Multi Layered Slice of Cake Without the Calories!

Ever wandered by a bakery window and your mouth started to water when your eyes locked in on a multi layer cake? Knowing that each layer was going to be a mind blasting experience? Then I suggest you treat your music selection at your wedding in the same manner. Peel off the layers and provide […]

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How Big Should It Be? Make Sure There’s Enough Space on the Dance Floor

A few years back we were entertaining at a wedding at Grouse Mountain. The venue was perfect for the couple. They did, however underestimate their guests’ desire to dance. With every hit that was played, a chair , then two, then eventually as many tables that could be removed from the room, were, in order […]

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iPod Weddings

iPod Weddings by Ed Mullen Yet another article about the scourge of the iPod? Well, yes, but this is one to share with grooms who are being tempted by DIY… Getting married, mister? Congratulations. Are you handling the details with your fiancée? Great. Your job is to arrange the music? Brilliant. You are doing it […]

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