There Are at Least 9 Reasons to Choose Hot Wax Entertainment

There Are at Least 9 Reasons to Choose Hot Wax Entertainment … Although, our clients tell us there are much more.

  1. We are a full-time professional Disc Jockey and Entertainment Company ready when you need us (and all calls are returned promptly!). We have heard countless times, that the client is still waiting to hear back from the other DJ’s to get their quotes so that they can make a decision. Really? It’s been 2 weeks, and they haven’t called you back yet? I’m guessing that they do this on a part-time basis and haven’t sorted out the customer service aspect of their offering. You have patience of steel!
  2. We use AVLA “radio edited” licensed music. We were recently handed a USB drive by a client with some of their favorite songs. Halfway through the first song we (and the other 300 guests) heard “this has been illegally downloaded this off of iTunes!” Suffice to say… We stopped their music immediately and continued entertaining with our playlist. Radio edited licensed music will not have any profanity and has been legally purchased. We will purchase from iTunes when necessary as clients nowadays are wanting unique covers of their favorite songs.
  3. We carry $2 million in event liability insurance, we have you covered! It’s not a given, we don’t all have this in place. Not only are we covered… you have peace of mind. In case one of your guests trips on a speaker stand and causes damage to the venue, we have insurance. In case that same client trips on the same speaker stand and damages the equipment, our insurance will cover it. In case there’s an electrical power surge at the venue and it causes damage to our equipment we are covered… Starting to get the picture? Liability Insurance is just another great tool in place for the pros to have.
  4. Members of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) with an A+ rating since 2006 – We are so confident in our product that we have listed ourselves with a governing body so you can rest assured we will deliver what we promise. We are only one of 2 companies in the Vancouver Lower Mainland with this designation. Everyone can get this, but they don’t.
  5. We use Mackie SRM 450 and QSC K12 professional speakers ensuring the finest in sound quality. Wait until you hear your favorite songs on our sound system! For added bass, we use QSC K12 subs. We use the best equipment possible and never have backup equipment in the car. Anyone that says they do should upgrade their equipment.
  6. All lights are LED sound activated, offering the latest in style, design, and colours while generating energy in the room – we’ll give your guests something to talk about! Have you ever been to a concert in the dark? No one likes to dance in a dark room either.
  7. Our DJs are uniform-dressed and professional. We have uniforms that are appropriate for any occasion. This ensures that your blood won’t boil as you won’t see ripped denim, stuffy suits or tuxedos that look like the groomsmen.
  8. Our exclusive and professional DJs have been trained to Hot Wax standards to know how to capture your unique spirit and taste. This isn’t their show, you are the client, music genres and event goal are determined in advance. If it’s a themed event, the DJ is a team player.
  9. We are committed to partnering with you to create that signature event that your guests will rave about for weeks… months… even years later! Our business is referral-based and based on trust. We have to be great!