Top 6 Party Favour Ideas

Seriously, at our wedding we gave away matches. Everybody did? These days, besides the covered almonds in tiny white tulle bags, the options vary from budget, lifestyle, theme and anything else you can think of. The following is a list of popular favourites that can be both useful, un ordinary, unique, while personalized.

1). Hand Held Fans-planning an outdoor summer wedding? these will be useful and your guests will be grateful!

2). Lip Balms- you can’t have too many. Some are tinted, some flavoured, and always useful for the end of the night

3). Candy Table: who doesn’t love candy? bring out the ‘kid’ in your guests as they indulge in a variety of colors, flavours and textures.

4). Comfy Slippers-seriously…even the guys will love this one. We love using them in hotel rooms…why not put a smile on your guests faces as they think of you everytime they slip them on.

5). Mint tins-who doesn’t get a craving for a mint? great to store in the car or purse.

6). Photobooth- Everyone can get in on the fun. One photo for them to take home, one for you to keep in your guest registration book with their special comments. Memories to last a lifetime!